The 7 phases of a website redesign

Define the goals and objectives of the site and create a project plan, including maintenance considerations.
Emphasize the need to plan beyond launch for continuous maintenance and content generation.
• Evaluate content and structure effectiveness using visitor behavior data in the Analytics Suite.
• Use analytics to guide technical specifications of the new site (browsers, operating systems, etc.).
• Use the Feedback feature in the Analytics Suite to learn what information benefits visitors and implement
changes based on user comments and reviews.

Select a CMS based on size, complexity, author environment, and functionality needed for the new website.
• CMS selection affects every member working on a website redesign. The chosen CMS will be utilized daily by
content authors and editors post-launch. Nearly all modern-day CMSs have a set of useful, built-in tools, but no
two are exactly the same. Siteimprove offers many additional benefits that a CMS may not.
• In combination with many of the most popular CMS platforms, Siteimprove ensures you have a well-rounded
solution that will help your people, policies, and processes work better together to help meet website goals. With
the Siteimprove CMS Plugin, users can easily find and address issues directly in the CMS itself.
Determine the content to be included on the new site and build the information architecture (navigation) and wireframes.
• Use the Quality Assurance feature to create a content inventory and perform a content audit. Instead of manually
going through each page, simply download a spreadsheet of all content on the website. The inventory updates
automatically every five days for the most up-to-date information.
• Utilize Siteimprove User Journeys and Behavior Maps features to improve site navigation

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