The Business Impact Of Investing In Experience

Today’s business environment is more challenging than ever before. In an environment pervaded by growing uncertainty, businesses must not only understand their customers, but also rally around customer experience (CX) to survive and thrive. Around the world, companies are being charged with the tasks of meeting and anticipating the everchanging needs and expectations of customers through highly contextual and personalized experiences. Though it requires a great deal of work to commit to customer experience, being an experience-driven firm is no longer a luxury, but a business imperative. Adobe commissioned Forrester Consulting to refresh a 2018 study evaluating how customer experience-driven companies drive greater business impact compared to those that are not focused on customercentric strategies.

To do this, Forrester conducted an online survey with 434 global digital business, marketing, and analytics decision-makers with responsibility for CX technology decisions and metrics. All respondents are involved in selecting their organizations’ technologies to support CX and marketing initiatives and in defining metrics to evaluate success.

Our study showed that organizations that invest in experience across people, process, and technology disciplines — what we are defining as experience-driven businesses (EDBs) — have happier employees, superior business performance across the customer life cycle, and are best positioned to thrive amid disruption.

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