Health and life sciences organizations are in the middle of a major shift: the pivot to value-based care and more patient-focused processes is nigh. Part of this transition includes a revamp of how HLS organizations approach their sales cycle. Unfortunately, manual errors, data silos, security concerns, and slow turnaround times plague sales.
This ebook can be the first step to changing that culture and start providing better, more customer-centric care to healthcare customers. Health and life sciences organizations are prime candidates for CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)—a Quote-to-Cash tool from Salesforce that automates and streamlines these pain points. In this ebook, we’ll cover why CPQ is a good fit for HLS, how it works for the industry, and how the bottom line is impacted positively. We’ll also take a deep dive into how CPQ works for health insurance and look at more HLS case studies using CPQ to great success in their organizations. 

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