The Comprehensive Guide to Building an Internal Agency

"In recent news, top-tiered health systems have highlighted the launch of their own internal travel programs to offer competitive, flexible work options for their front-line nurses that also provides a cost effective alternative to expensive contract labor use. These innovative and cutting edge flexible workforce programs are absolutely necessary for health systems to build in the days ahead to stay competitive and fiscally responsible. However, the build and effective launch of these programs can be very challenging for health systems to operationalize due to competing priorities and limited time and resources.
This comprehensive guide takes the guesswork out of how to build and launch an internal agency, and walks you through step-by-step design principles, the workforce segments for the program, and key factors for launch and sustainability. You don't need to spend hours designing the framework, we have it for you to make this program a reality for your health system.
This Guide:
Defines what an internal agency is and the benefits of the program for both the front-line nurse and health system
Provides a comprehensive overview on how health systems can build and launch their own internal travel program from start to finish
Identifies workforce segments that may be interested in joining an internal travel program
Explains the necessary workforce technology capabilities needed to efficiently operationalize the program

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