About the Book

  • DataOps is an innovative breakthrough that lets people use data as easily as they plan a trip around the world or buy a pair of shoes on the web. DataOps is the practice of operationalizing data movement to improve quality and accelerate delivery for new business demands for data, and to deliver continuously with confidence, in a world of ceaseless change. With DataOps you operate data rather than engineer data. In other words, it creates continuous data flows with automated processes and self-service tools so that users can discover and deliver data by themselves in a few days or hours.

  • Compare that to the traditional method of launching an IT project, which brings together data architects, application developers, infrastructure technical architects, software engineers, testers, and others all coordinated by a Project Management team to orchestrate a complex symphony of efforts to create a one-time data flow usally in months. And the following month, when one of the data sources changes or the company moves an in-house application to the cloud or a new web app needs to be added, the data flow is broken and the symphony must be replayed.

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