The expert’s guide to great virtual learning

Working habits around the world are changing at an incredible rate. Organizations everywhere are shifting from in-person learning to virtual learning environments. This may sound deceptively simple in theory. After all, virtual learning is just a matter of throwing some slides together and calling it a day, right? Not quite. In practice, virtual learning is much tougher to get right than you’d think. It takes a lot of planning, design, and practice to ensure that participants leave with useful insights and actionable outcomes. Even more, it requires instructors to embrace a major shift in both their communication and teaching styles. Everything is different in the virtual environment.
In this guide, we’ll outline our top ten tips for delivering successful virtual learning. We’ll show you how to plan every step of the learning experience, set the right expectations for your learners, and improve your course content and delivery over time via ongoing feedback.We’re grateful for our experts Melissa Chambers,Director of Online Instruction at MSC Cousulting, and Chris King, Director of Training and Performance Support for CEEK LLC and Chief Technologist at the Training Officers Consortium, for their knowledge and advice in putting this guide together.

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