The Future of the Metaverse: An Analysis of the Leaders, Opportunities, and Threats

Ever since Facebook changed its name to Meta, there has been more and more buzz and conversation from investors, thought leaders, and media around the metaverse and its implications for our digital future.
Large-cap companies have also taken serious investments into the metaverse, including Microsoft’s acquisition of gaming giant Activision and Disney’s recent appointment of a metaverse strategy executive.
But through all the chatter, it’s difficult to understand what is real and what is hype: will the metaverse actually become our new reality in the next decade? How far off are we, and what does that mean for all the industries that will be impacted?
In our latest market landscape report, we analyze market commentary to answer the following questions:
What exactly is the metaverse and what will be required to make it a reality?
Which companies are well-positioned to win and how will today’s fastest-growing industries—from tech, media, and telecom to e-commerce and digital marketing— be impacted?
What will prevent the metaverse from becoming a reality, and what should companies watch out for?

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