What if people around the world, from every country, could work together effortlessly? What if location didn’t limit collaboration? What if you didn’t have to leap through payroll and legal hurdles every time your team wanted to hire a team member in a new country? What if borders weren’t boundaries?
we’re pleased to present our 2020 HR Handbook for the top 20 global expansion countries. Consider this your go-to guide
for hiring and managing employees around the world. And consider us your most up-to-date solution for global people  management.
Globalization Partners’ solution puts the world’s talent at your fingertips, by enabling you to hire anyone, anywhere, without the complexity of figuring out the legal, HR or tax issues of every country. You identify the talent you want to hire, and we put your candidate on our payroll. Our aim is to lift the burden of global tax, HR and legal infrastructure from your shoulders to ours. With 96% client satisfaction ratings earned over nine years in business, we’ve proven our model works. 

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