In an age where people go online for everything from dog toys to paying utility bills, continuity of online presence and uninterrupted access to an organization’s data are of vital importance. So is protecting that data from unwanted and unauthorized access and alteration.

This aims to provide executives, business and organization stakeholders, and IT managers and technical leads with the information they need to make sense of modern data protection. It also explores the key roles that storage solutions, software, and programmable APIs play in providing cloud-friendly, flexible, and adaptable solutions. Because users are more inclined to conduct business in a variety of digital forms than ever before, the data they wish to access jumps to the forefront of what lets organizations and businesses function.

That’s because data is what drives applications and services. Likewise,data is where insights and value ultimately originate, and data is what organizations must manage, control, and protect to meet legal, regulatory, and compliance requirements.

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