How to Hire a Virtual Customer Support Team

"The 21st century world of work is rapidly and profoundly changing. But most companies are trying to keep up by using the same outdated work processes and beliefs developed during the 20th century.
That’s like trying to compete in a car race with a bicycle.
See how companies must redesign the key components of work to achieve their business goals and remain competitive in an ever-changing world."
Inside this white paper you’ll learn:
"How Microsoft employees use skill sourcing to scale and do their jobs better
How creating a variable cost structure for talent enables companies to free up cash and respond faster to changing demands
How companies are increasing employee success by seeing the workplace as a tool
How Flexera redesigned their workflows to “increase our velocity, and as a result, our competitive posture in the market”
Why now is the ideal time to redesign work and when it’ll be too late
And more"
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