How to Hire a Virtual Customer Support Team

When a disruptive event occurs, it provides opportunities to redesign around the disruption—so that lives change for the better. Few events have affected the global population as much as the coronavirus pandemic. And yet an eerily familiar example happened with the great flu pandemic of 1918. That virus spread with such ferocity that by the time it ended in 1920, it killed 50 million people worldwide. Conservative estimates put that number at 150 million, if that happened today. Between March of 1918 and April of 1920, businesses suffered a dire labor shortage. People stayed home more and spent less at restaurants, stores, and on entertainment. Total world consumption dropped 8%, and the world Gross Domestic Product (GDP) slid 6%. The 1918 pandemic destabilized lives, societies, and economies at such scale that it compelled people to question how they could fortify their communities for the future. This led courageous and forward-thinking people to embark on major redesigns that improved people’s day-to-day lives.

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