The Great Employee Migration: How Can Companies Attract and Manage New Talent (WEBINAR)

With 2022 well underway, the global employment market is proving to be more competitive than ever. Thanks to remote working apps, platforms, and social media, companies have unprecedented access to top-tier talent around the world.

However, the rising tide of employees choosing lifestyle over work has led to “The Great Resignation” — where many employees are migrating to other jobs in seek of new opportunities that better suit their values and priorities.

So how can managers keep teams happy and productive while also protecting the company’s best interests? And how can companies flourish in today´s competitive global talent market?

In this 45-minute webinar, Globalization Partners’ Senior Director, Talent Management Jennifer Therrien will explain how to successfully onboard new global team members and keep them engaged in every stage of the employee life cycle.

In this session, Therrien will also discuss:

  • How to create a clear development path for your talent.
  • How companies can empower their teams.
  • How to build human connections with your workforce.

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