The Impact of Accelerating Storage and Data Protection Environments

ESG recently surveyed 2,000 IT decision makers to understand whether, and to what degree, organizations’ comprehensive technology transformations are delivering competitive advantages. The study focused on organizations’ progress delivering modern digital end-user experiences, innovating with data, and delivering more flexible IT services. Organizations making the most progress across all three areas were categorized as Technology Accelerators, and ESG observed that they outperform their peers lagging in these transformations (Technology Reactors) in many areas.

Additionally, a subset of 659 IT respondents directly involved in managing their storage and data protection environments were asked several questions about those specific environments. This portion of the survey asked respondents to assess their organizations’ storage and data protection capabilities and covered several related key performance indicators. The resulting data shows organizations with advanced storage and data protection technologies, referred to as Storage and Data Protection Accelerators, are:
3.3x more likely than their peers to have completely integrated their data, putting them in a better position to use data to create value for the organization.

Reducing the number of person hours needed to manage and resolve tickets in their storage and data protection environments by nearly one-third relative to their peers, freeing up teams for other tasks. More aggressively adopting as-a-Service consumption models across their entire IT footprint: 21% more of their environment is delivered as-a-Service, allowing IT to deliver resources to end-users faster.
Prioritizing solutions that are cloud compatible and delivering hybrid cloud consistency, as well as integrations with developer tools like Ansible, Puppet, and PowerShell, improving developer support.
2.9x more likely to describe their cost-to-store data as market-leading, reinforcing a positive view of IT by the business.

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