The Psychology of Sales Compensation

Compensation strategy is a core factor that plays a role in any business’s ability to be successful. Yet, it’s a topic that often takes a backseat to other, flashier aspects of a business’s growth model.

The reality is, compensation strategy goes beyond tangible benefits like salary and 401K matching. And yet, companies far too often lean on salary as their main tool to improve cultural issues like low job satisfaction, lack of motivation, and poor performance. If you’ve worked in sales or compensation for any amount of time, you already know that money alone can’t fix most things.

Considering that there’s less than a 2% correlation between salary and job satisfaction, revenue drivers and business leaders need to look at other ways to effectively incentivize and motivate their teams.

This guide provides you with the tactics and strategies you need to boost performance, improve morale, increase productivity, and drive long-lasting motivation on your sales team.

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