Don’t let work intake and demand manage you

Getting a grip on incoming work can challenge strategic delivery in your organization due to factors such as the rapid pace of change, new types of emerging work, and shifting business priorities. It is becoming more common to hear PMOs finding out that half of what they delivered in a single year was not even in their annual plan! With this level of uncertainty, an established demand management process is critical for success. 

Having a formalized process in place to collect and evaluate work requests enables an organization to choose the right work to continuously deliver value by balancing growth initiatives with regulatory compliance and run-the-business work to meet the needs of the business. The Savvy PMO knows that a consistent, easily understood, and visible process is beneficial for everyone across the business. With a solid demand management process in place, all incoming work is objectively assessed for alignment to strategy, risk mitigation, customer impact, overall improvement, financial benefit, capacity, and more.


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