The State of Enterprise DFIR

Digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) teams are currently experiencing a fundamental shift. The cyberthreat landscape is evolving rapidly as bad actors discover new ways to breach security perimeters. Insider threats are also greater than ever; and some modern tactics, such as zero-trust environments, simply aren’t designed to protect against a maliciously acting insider.

Data volumes alone create a significant problem for DFIR teams. As of 2020, the world was creating 59 ZBs a year and storing 4.2 ZBs according to IDC’s Global Datasphere. DFIR professionals are dealing with the largest amount of data in history, data that they have to sift through to find evidence they need for their investigations.

This report highlights:

  • How DFIR teams have been impacted by hybrid work and data volume growth
  • The state of DFIR within financial services, healthcare, and technology sectors
  • The most concerning security threats now and in the future
  • The size, organizational placement, and resource needs of DFIR teams

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