Given multiple converging market pressures, organizations are accelerating the pace and increasing their investment toward transforming to become a true digital enterprise. Enterprises pursuing digital transformation are scrambling to move to modern architectures incorporating the cloud, microservices and mobile applications while also needing to fix short-term bottlenecks using RPA or automating human tasks as remote work becomes widespread.
As a result, process automation has emerged as a linchpin for digital transformation, powering innovation across a company. Process automation is equally sought after to improve an organization's top line as well as its bottom line – helping to improve customer service, lower costs and drive business growth. Given the increased importance of process automation today, Camunda commissioned a “State of Process Automation” survey of 400 IT decision makers in the US and Europe to benchmark enterprise adoption and determine the biggest trends, challenges and opportunities for improvement.
Results of this survey demonstrate the transformative business value that process automation delivers for a majority of organizations, enabling them to deliver new levels of service and expand business opportunities. But the survey also spotlights the stark challenges enterprises are being faced with as they pursue automation. Their process automation needs are increasingly challenged by a wide range of new technologies, infrastructures and use cases. This new reality raises the danger of incomplete or broken business processes, lack of insight into inefficiencies and bottlenecks, added cost and potentially loss of customers or new growth opportunities.

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