During the past year, the pandemic has posed unprecedented challenges for universities. As campuses shuttered, emergency response teams jumped into action by implementing “remote teaching” stopgaps to keep, at the peak of the pandemic, more than 1.6 billion students learning. 

COVID-19 has increased focus on digital transformation in higher education. In setting long-term goals, universities and colleges globally will need to refocus on the following set of priorities: 

Student employability: Developing curricula that teach job-relevant skills to help ensure  graduates are ready for the workforce. 

Cost management: Lowering the cost of delivering for-credit learning to mitigate potential  pressures on universities’ tuition cost, revenue, and value proposition. 

Capacity: Increasing technical capacity to help enable high-quality digital learning at scale. 

Faculty development: Enabling faculty members to develop capabilities to help teach  students in a virtual environment.

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