The world just changed, and IT operations is on the front lines. Are you ready?

As we deal with the fallout of the global pandemic, digital transformation is no longer a strategic goal—it’s a burning necessity. Technology has become the lifeblood of commerce, the guardian of our health, and the connective tissue of our relationships. The Internet brings us together with our work colleagues, our friends, and our loved ones, with software systems powering our business processes and enabling our interactions. One day, this pandemic will be over. But, when it is, the world will be changed forever. We’ve fast forwarded our journey into the digital economy, and we’re never going back. We’ve always talked about mission-critical systems—but as we face this new reality, the phrase takes on unprecedented significance. We can’t afford to have applications go down or communications fail. The price is just too high.
For IT operations, that’s an enormous responsibility—and it’s also a huge challenge. How do you keep up with increasing volumes, increasing complexity, and increasing business  demands while delivering the rock-solid services that keep your business running?

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