The World Will Never Be the Same: Looking Ahead at 2021 Growth and Talent Trends

Doing business will never be the same. The pandemic has changed forever how we picture ourselves at work and how companies move forward with their expansion plans.
A recent survey by PwC found that, after Covid-19, executives expect a staggering 89 percent of their workforce to work from home at least one day of the week. That means that managing a team remotely will become the “new normal.”
That also means that your hiring strategy should change, too. The future is here: a future where borders won’t be obstacles to growth. Your talent pool will no longer be limited to a 50-mile radius of your office.
But with such a revolution come new challenges in the form of new tools, logistics, skills, and strategies to succeed in the post-pandemic reality. Are you ready to adapt yourself and your team?
Join Diane Albano, Debbie Millin, and Charles Ferguson, part of the leading executive team of Globalization Partners, in this discussion about the most significant trends that 2021 will bring, how they will affect your business, and how you can prepare to overcome challenges and take advantage of new opportunities.
How businesses are changing their growth and expansion strategies due to the economic downturn caused by the pandemic.
What countries will offer the most attractive markets — both for growth and talent.
What digital skills are necessary for professionals to perform their jobs in a remote-first reality. Why understanding cultural differences will be crucial for diverse teams and your international expansion.
Which tools and processes are best to facilitate remote work and project management.

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