Data truly is the lifeblood of successful businesses around the world. Virtually any operation you can conceive of requires the use of quality data, whether it’s health care technology or e-learning tools to ensure students are on track. Thinking broadly of how many things could go awry with bad data quality, the need for processes to collect and maintain high-quality data becomes abundantly clear.
According to Forrester’s “Insights-Driven Businesses Set The Pace For Global Growth,” businesses that embrace a data-driven strategy are growing 30% year-over-year. That’s eight times faster than the global GDP.
With CRMs full of accurate and clean data, businesses open themselves to a world of positive interactions: better client relationships, better customer experiences, and better programs for both marketing and sales. Over time, the data opens new worlds of possibilities, including industry-leading innovation, increased reputation in the market, and the ability to stay ahead of the less data-savvy competition.

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