Account-Based Marketing (ABM) isn’t an entirely new approach, but the ways B2B companies can laser-target their best prospects are constantly evolving. If you haven’t heard the term before, ABM is an approach that centers on the objective, data-driven identification of high-value accounts, and engagement of buying committees within those accounts through coordinated marketing
and sales efforts.
This isn’t the “spray and prays” approach of sending out mass emails or digital ads designed to attract just anyone. Instead, ABM helps you home in on your target accounts and reach them with your message. Data has shown that 76 percent of your target accounts are unaware of your company and offerings.
Adopting an account-based approach means you’re concentrating your efforts on specific companies who match your ideal customer profile and are demonstrating readiness to buy.
All B2B companies can benefit from ABM, and it’s not an out-of-reach strategy even if you’re a small team with a tight budget. In fact, ABM helps small teams make the most out of every dollar they invest.

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