Top 5 Criteria to Evaluate Before Migrating Oracle Workloads to Cloud Providers

Migrating Oracle workloads to cloud has a strong licensing and support impact. Not all Oracle products are deployable on all cloud platforms, and their capabilities may limit migration initiatives. I&O leaders should evaluate the viability, benefits and drawbacks of migrating Oracle products on them.

Key Findings:

Organizations planning to migrate their Oracle workloads to cloud platforms struggle with the impact of licensing Oracle products on IaaS, PaaS or bare-metal cloud servicesThis licensing could introduce remarkable cost differences that may impact some migration decisions to the cloud.
Only Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and the Oracle Cloud Authorized providers Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are enabled to offer IaaS and limited PaaS services to run Oracle workloads under official Oracle support. The portfolio of Oracle products that can be deployed on Oracle Cloud Authorized providers following vCPU licensing policies is also limited
Interconnection agreements between OCI and Azure provide multicloud scenarios that address technical performance requirements and extend Oracle official supportability for additional Oracle Applications to be deployed on Azure. These scenarios are limited to a number of interconnected regions between OCI and Azure, and are conditioned to deploy Oracle Databases on
The DBaaS offering from Oracle Authorized Cloud providers for Oracle Databases might not fit with demanding storage or IOPS requirements. Some critical capabilities widely adopted for mission-critical workloads, such as Oracle Real Application Cluster, are currently nly deployable on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, reducing the cloud alternatives for migrations
Cloud providers have a variety of migration incentives, such as special migration professional services, additional cloud consumption credits or support discounts that might contribute to modeling attractive business cases for Oracle workloads migration

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