Transform your Contact Center with Analytics Enabled Quality Management

Quality management (QM) is an essential application and process in contactcenters. Its fundamental purpose is to ensure that agents adhere to internal policies and procedures, but it does so much more for companies and their customers. From the customer perspective, QM should be used to make sure agents are effective at building rapport and are caring and empathetic throughout conversations (calls and digital); are knowledgeable about products and services and can answer a majority of inquiries; know where to find additional information; and have excellent call/interaction management skills. From the enterprise perspective, QM should be applied to build the brand, deliver a consistently outstanding customer experience cost effectively (i.e., quickly), identify company and contact center issues and trends, and make sure that agents are taking the right actions for customers, properly processing transactions and not engaging in fraudulent activities. When it comes to the contact center, QM should also be used to identify agent training opportunities and individuals who are having a hard time performing their job, so that supervisors know when to provide assistance. Companies are asking a lot from their QM function, often at the same time as they reduce the budget for this activity and ask its leaders to come up with creative methods for reviewing more interactions (the “classic” contact center goal of “doing more with less”). An effective way to address this challenge is to automate the QM process with an analytics-enabled QM (AQM) solution.

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