Trends in Test Data Management and database virtualization, evaluation of Delphix and Windocks

Test Data Management (TDM) is evolving in 2022 to keep pace with the need for faster, high quality software releases. Four notable trends in TDM include:
1. DevOps ready: TDM solutions increasingly include DevOps technologies including Docker containers and Kubernetes, while continuing to support database instances. Test data is easily available to DevOps pipelines and continuous integration / deployment (CI/CD).
2. Standard, non-proprietary Linux and Microsoft Windows based database virtualization:
Database cloning is now available on industry standard Linux from Red Hat, Oracle, Canonical"
"(Ubuntu), and on Microsoft Windows servers. Proprietary Linux from virtualization vendors such as Delphix or storage vendors are no longer needed.
3. Simplified standard Docker and Kubernetes APIs. A standards-based API delivers testready database environments, avoiding the complexity of storage level API primitives.
4. End-to-end orchestration: databases are delivered “test ready,” with end to end automation of database cloning, delivery to either containers or instances, with access controls, masking, and other data engineering based on configuration (not code).

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