What is fixed wireless access(FWA)?

Fixed wireless access is an internet service delivered wirelessly to the customer's home or business. It goes by several different names —FWA, fixed wireless broadband, and wireless internet, among others. FWA differs from mobile broadband in that the service location —home or business —is a static, nonmoving location, which generally relies on a single transmitter for service. The customer premises equipment (CPE) is attached to a single spot on the building, based on where an optimal signal is received, and connectivity is dispersed through the location via wired or wireless means, such as Wi-Fi. 
While 5G has brought a renaissance of awareness to this service, it is important to note that FWA is not new. LTE offerings of FWA have been around for years, largely in the form of smaller wireless internet service providers serving rural communities. But 5G's ability to deliver faster speeds, along with guaranteed service-level agreements (SLAs), is renewing interest in FWA. 

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