What B2B Buyers Want

Easy search 
Customers don’t want to comb through static, text-only lists of products to find what they’re seeking. They want multiple photos as well as intelligent search based on smart taxonomies that can help them navigate quickly to their desired product. Ideally, these tools use AI, machine learning and account data to quickly display highly relevant results specific to the customer’s needs. 
Simple, easy-to-navigate site design. 
Research is a huge part of the B2B buying process. According to Gartner, 18% of a buying group’s purchase time is spent on independent research offline, and another 27% is spent researching online. To make sure that research happens on their own sites and leads to a transaction, B2B sellers need to ensure relevant content is easy to find and consume, with a clear path to next steps. Designs must also be device-aware.

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