Value Orchestration Guides Oracle's Next- Generation Digital Business Platform

"Oracle's Next-Generation Platform
The concept of a digital business platform describes a collection of next-generation capabilities that are combined in an integrated fashion to facilitate value orchestration. The term platform has been used in different contexts: technology platforms, collaboration platforms, communication platforms, and integration and developer platforms. This document focuses on Oracle's next-generation platform for digital business, which combines powerful"

business applications functionality, comprehensive core services, and a sophisticated cloud infrastructure to support value streams. It's important to note that these value streams drive innovation through the platform and ensure Oracle is aligned with its customers' critical business issues. Value streams, of course, vary by company and will be a balance of aspirational and operational drivers like business process transformation or the ability to pivot to new digital business models, with tactical goals like launching a new product, creating superior customer and employee experiences, designing resilient supply and value chains, or completing a financial close in a few days instead of a few weeks.

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