Visibility into Containers Provides Application Context

Poka is a connected worker application built specifically for manufacturers. It brings together collaboration, training, and skills management into a single integrated platform to empower factory workers to learn continuously and solve problems autonomously. Designed from the ground up as a cloud-native application, Poka lets companies build their own proprietary knowledge base to use and share globally. The Poka application is built on a containerized architecture running in an AWS environment. As the application grows, the company continually adds new containerized instances and features.

The Security Challenge

As Poka grew, customers wanted to see more evidence that their proprietary operational knowledge would be protected. Also, as Poka added more containerized instances, they struggled to keep up with a growing number of security alerts. Tools they adopted to automate aspects of monitoring and log analysis failed to provide the visibility they needed. “We were missing depth,” says Maxime Leblanc, Poka’s Information Security Specialist (SecOps). “All those tools are host-based. We were receiving logs from the machines, but not the containers. We weren’t getting the application context we needed.”

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