Vitens is the largest drinking water utility in The Netherlands, delivering top-quality drinking water to 5.6 million people and businesses in the provinces of Flevoland, Fryslân, Gelderland, Utrecht, and Overijssel, and some municipalities in Drenthe and Noord-Holland. Vitens has an unwavering continuity objective underlying its primary task: “the production, distribution, and supply of drinking water 24/7.” This objective is the foundation on which Vitens has built its reputation for quality and excellent service
From its headquarters in Zwolle, Vitens deliver 350 million cubic meters of water annually, maintaining 100 water treatment works facilities and 49,000 kilometers of water mains. The company’s 1,400 employees strive to guarantee Vitens customers that they can trust the reliability of drinking water delivery and that the water is of optimum quality and available at the lowest possible price. To this end, Vitens works ceaselessly to improve its services, ensure access to clean and available sources, and continually upgrade the equipment and technology underpinning its core mission.

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