What if you could find the ultimate prize in the data world -- reliable data, for every sales and marketing campaign? 
We all wish this to be true, especially sales and marketing teams who rely heavily upon accurate B2B contact data to connect with potential clients and produce successful campaigns. Data driven campaigns enable teams to access key marketing intelligence and insights to ensure marketing efforts are directed to the ideal audience at the optimal stage in the buyer’s journey. 
Many businesses waste time trying to find key information about their targets by using old B2B contact database lists to gain quick leads for their sales funnel. Yet, they end up with data that has not been verified and researched for their specific audience and most likely is out of date. Implications from missing or incomplete data from database lists prevents teams from maximizing the likelihood of success when trying to communicate to their target market. So how can marketing and sales teams find this ultimate prize in the data world, known as the golden record, and discover valuable leads? And what has happened to the reliability of B2B contact data in a COVID world? 

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