What to Expect when you Scale: Lessons from Mark Roberge

Do you remember who sat next to you on your first day of college? Well, Mark Roberge does, and it changed his life.
Back in 2005, when Mark was studying at MIT, he took a seat next to Dharmesh Shah, who went on to start"
Hubspot later in 2006. They hit it off, and Mark joined Hubspot soon after graduation. He fell in love with the
startup ecosystem and has never looked back since!

A former CRO of HubSpot who helped transform the startup into a unicorn valued at over $5 Billion, Mark has also
authored the bestselling book “The Sales Acceleration Formula: Using Data, Technology, and Inbound Selling to go
from $0 to $100 Million”. At Chargebee’s Champions of Change Summit, Mark spoke about his learnings at Hubspot and scaling with

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