• Sometimes an all-in-one solution doesn’t actually work as a one-size fits all. The same goes for your marketing automation platform. Platforms who claim to be a one stop shop may start to feel suffocating because they’re overpriced, under architected to connect to other tech, and don’t offer flexibility. That’s right, you might be overpaying for Hubspot, only to be underwhelmed for how far it can get you in your digital transformation.

      There are many similarities between Acquia Campaign Studio and HubSpot: both are valuable tools for email

      marketing campaigns. However it is the different approaches to features, ease of use, and overall value provided

      to marketers that sets the two platforms apart.

      In this on-demand session, you'll learn why marketers choose Acquia Campaign Studio over Hubspot. Watch now

      to find out:

      Why platform pricing is forcing you to over pay for functionality you don’t use

      Why marketers prefer flexible content management and workflow management

      What are the signs you’re ready to move on from Hubspot

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