Why High- Growth SaaS Must Think RevOps from Day One

In a podcast with SaaStock, Krish unravels the emergence of Revenue Operations and the integral part it plays in growing a SaaS business.
With the SaaS market set to reach $150B in 2020, SaaS businesses have enormous market potential.But revenue workflows in SaaS businesses are often ridden with inefficiencies that arise due to misalignment of teams, tools, and processes. According to a report by IDC, businesses lose 30 percent to these inefficiencies in their revenue operations.
So how do you scale fast while staying efficient?

The answer lies in acknowledging and leveraging the pivotal role of revenue operations, says Krish Subramanian, CEO and founder of Chargebee. In a podcast with SaaStock, Krish elaborates on how SaaS has changed the way revenue flows, the criticality of thinking operations from the very beginning, and attaining enterprise-sophistication while retaining start-up agility.

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