Why Inclusive Leadership Begins With Cultural Competence

Culture, at the most fundamental level, is the collective perceptions and social norms that people share with one another — it is how we have been conditioned, and it bonds a group of people together.

In a growing diverse and complex business environment, culture cannot simply be defined as “the way things are done” — it is more about understanding the common set of behaviors, beliefs, and underlying mindsets that shape how employees interact. Cultural competence is a crucial factor that separates a high-performing company from the rest.

Today, technology has made it possible for any company to build a global team and recruit a diverse workforce. However, leaders must have the perceptiveness and ability to understand the habits, gestures, and assumptions of employees across the world.

According to a recent study by Harvard Business Review, even though individuals may have their own working styles, external environments played an important role in shaping their companies’ cultures. While Western European and North American companies exhibited a stronger emphasis on results and goals, companies in Asia emphasized interpersonal cooperation, and ability to contribute while not disrupting the group harmony.

Harnessing the true potential of global diversity requires cultural sensitivity, awareness, and cultural intelligence. Join Thomas Merchant, Senior Manager, Brand Communications at Globalization Partners, and Ankit Balani, Director or Market Research, Globalization Partners, as they discusses why culture is key for high-performing global companies.

In the session, we will cover:

  • How corporate cultures differ around the world
  • Why cultural competence is essential for managing global teams
  • How leaders can be more inclusive and create a culture of belonging

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