Why Winning Support Teams Stick to One Tool

The challenges facing IT support often seem like a foregone conclusion – high ticket volumes, long cycle times and unhappy users. For typical IT support organizations, these problems are due in part to the use of generic tools not actually built for support, which reduce effectiveness and efficiency. While these tools may seem like an easy way to save time (and reduce budgets) in the short term, this mix of poor-fit solutions can often fail to meet the needs of even small internal IT support organizations.
Why? Combining different meeting, messaging and ticketing products causes internal friction, leaving support teams feeling overwhelmed with requests that demand different expertise and more headcount than ever. Without a single tool to track, diagnose and resolve, information and time are lost in the shuffle.
One tool for your next investment Purpose-built solutions make support simple by providing help desks with a single tool that even novice IT staff can master. These technologies are designed with ease of use in mind for both support and employees, improving employee satisfaction and time to resolution. And with fewer support tools to juggle, the entire support process becomes more straightforward and efficient.
A single support solution also makes it easy to find information and provide holistic support from ticket submission to issue resolution, thanks to core remote support functionality and advanced capabilities, like remote monitoring and remote control, all in one tool.

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