Wolf Security Out of Site and Out of Mind

The workplace has evolved, ushering in the age of hybrid working. Digital and workplace transformation have both been accelerated, and work has forever changed. Workforces will become increasingly distributed and less visible to IT and security teams. The number of freelancers will also grow exponentially, reaching 50% of the US workforce by 2027. As a result, it has never been more challenging for IT teams to deploy, manage, and secure their IT ecosystem.
In this HP Wolf Security Out of Sight & Out of Mind report, we gather data from a global YouGov online survey"
"of 8,443 office workers who shifted to Working from Home (WFH) during the pandemic and a global survey of 1,100 IT decision makers (ITDMs). The report examines how recent workforce transformation is changing user behaviour and its impact on the manageability of IT security.
In this HP Wolf Security report, we will explore:
The New Shadow IT: Since working more from home, users have been cutting IT out of the loop. They are buying, installing, and using IT equipment unsanctioned – without considering security. They are also clicking on potentially harmful links without reporting it to IT.
Attackers are getting in: Risk is increasing. IT teams say they are seeing a rise in employees opening malicious attachments resulting in higher rebuild rates on compromised machines. This is just the tip of the iceberg – it’s likely there are many more unknown compromised devices out there.
Something’s got to give: Compounding these issues, the IT onboarding and support cost is increasing and becoming more complex. From triaging threats to provisioning and onboarding employees with secure devices, rebuilding and patching IT security is increasingly unmanageable. This is making it harder than ever to protect the enterprise.

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