If you think about it, everything evolves over time and becomes better, whether we’re talking about objects, concepts, or technology. Commission automation is no different. Years ago, companies came out with software to help automate the commissions process, but it hasn’t ever been truly automated until recently (more about that in a bit though). 
You probably remember a few years back when everyone had a Nokia cell phone. You may have even had one yourself. They were clunky, not very user-friendly, hard to send texts on, and had very limited internet capabilities. But this is all we knew at the time and it was certainly an upgrade from a home phone. If you wanted to make a phone call on a Nokia, you had to manually scroll through your contacts to find who you were looking to call. There were no voice commands. And let’s say you wanted to text multiple people the same text message. There was no group text or copy/ paste functionality, so you had to manually scroll through your phone yet again and text everyone individually using t9 text (i.e. clicking the 1 three times to get a “c”). This left a lot of room for human error and also made it easy to leave someone out accidentally. It was also very time consuming.


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