Zero-copy database cloning (database virtualization) for SQL Server and Oracle database refresh

"Zero-copy database cloning (also known as database virtualization) is a foundational aspect of Snowflake, and underlies the tagline of “one copy for many workloads.” Now, the same capability is available on industry standard Linux and Windows servers, for on demand delivery of Oracle, SQL Server, and other relational, NoSQL, and textual data. Current production data is available via incremental database updates, and snapshots and rollback support a data timeline. Developers, testers, and DevOps engineers work with the right data, and DBAs simplify database refresh with self-service and automated delivery. This paper describes the technologies"

Full disclosure, Windocks is an independent software vendor offering zero-copy database cloning on industry standard Linux and Windows servers. This paper reflects observations produced over seven years in serving enterprises with on demand database solutions for DevOps, machine learning, test, and development.

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